Custom Rolling Papers

We currently offer rolling papers in 3 sizes of booklets which are: Single Width 70mm x 36mm | 1.42″ x 2.75″; 50 leaves a booklet) 1&¼ (One & A Quarter) 77mm x 45mm | 1.77″ x 3.03″; 40 leaves a booklet) King Slim 109mm x 44mm | 1.73″ x 4.29″; 32 leaves a booklet) Variety of 3 types of paper blends which are: Unrefined Raw Papers Unbleached 100% Organic Ultra Thin Hemp Papers Unbleached Unrefined Raw Papers

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  • Xavier L. Paul

    I wanted to know the prices to start my own brand for rolling papers through your company.

    dyaln b

    I\'m Very interested in your custom papers and some others!


    What\'s the prices on your custom papers

    Bryan Escobar

    Hello i want some info about you’r paper costumize like the price and what are minimum order is possible to make i want to start my own brand


    Let’s work